Terms and Conditions of Engagement and Services

In relation to a project:
The Designer shall at all times have access to the work wherever and whenever it is in progress. The Designer shall have authority to act on behalf of the Client to the extent provided in the letter of engagement.
In preparing any proposal for a Client, JMC Interiors endeavours to address and satisfy requirements. As colour and product preferences are intrinsically matters of personal taste and style, however, responsibility for all final product selection, concept and colour selection rests with the Client. Accordingly, please note that it is most important that you very carefully consider your selections before proceeding.
No warranty is given as to the accuracy of any colour, consistency, product specification, life span, environmental or chemical properties, sheen warranties, guarantees or suitability for the purpose of any product utilised or that final colours and finishes, when applied, will be identical to any samples shown to you. JMC Interiors and any representatives do not take any responsibility for any manufacture or for formulations of any products, nor application by tradespersons.
Nor is responsibility taken for any changes in products or colours by manufacturers or tradespersons/suppliers of products substituting colours or brands specified. Please note that variations of colour may occur if products are mixed into render or other mediums, and if ‘generic’ or alternative brands are used.
It is expected that all work carried out will be completed by a qualified tradesperson and supervised by a structural engineer or appropriately qualified person. It is also expected that said qualified tradespeople will adhere to all relevant and applicable laws and Australian Standards.
All drawings supplied are conceptual only, therefore must be verified by a qualified tradesperson or registered structural engineer prior to work.
Copyright in all colour selections, design, drawings, models/ prototypes and specifications, and in the work executed from them will remain the property of the Designer unless otherwise agreed. They may not be used for any other purpose than that for which they were originally commissioned. Payment of the fee does not shift copyright ownership to the Client; it is retained by the Designer.
The Client shall indemnify and hold the Designer harmless from all claims, damages, losses or expenses, including attorney’s fees and expenses arising out of or resulting from any use by the Client of the Designer’s designs, drawings, specifications and schedules on other projects, for additions to this project, or for completions of this project by others, whether the Designer has authorised such use or not.
The Client shall be permitted to retain copies of design, drawings and specifications produced by the Designer for information but these shall not be used by the Client as a basis for modification to the original design, on other projects, for additional works to the original project, or for completion of the original Commission by others, except by agreement in writing and with appropriate compensation to the Designer.
The Designer has a right to document the completed project or parts thereof by photographic or other means. The Client agrees to allow access to the completed works wherever and whenever it is, in order to document the completed project. The Designer will have the right to publication of the materials but agrees to not disclose the Client’s identity unless permission has been obtained.
The Client, should they wish to publish the project, will gain written permission from the Designer beforehand and shall see to it that the Designer is accredited as the author of the design.
The Client is deemed to have accepted the above terms and conditions, by agreeing to the provision of services after notice of these Terms and Conditions has been provided to them.

Please Contact Us directly for a copy of our terms and conditions.

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