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Green living is very much ‘on trend’, which has happily led to many developments in the building industry and the creation of sustainable and efficient technologies. However the products that were often most effective were the ugly ducklings of the building world and probably none more so than solar roof panels. Enter: Monier. Pairing their 100 years of roofing experience with the stellar expertise of Bradford Energy, Monier is due to release a roof tile that is sleek, understated, contemporary and best of all: an elegant and fully functional solar panel. This is an exciting development for the designers, architects and town planners of the Australian buildingscape but even more exciting for the consumer. New homes (and their owners) are having to meet increasingly strict environmental impact criteria and it is a relief to see a product that elevates rather than undermines the residential aesthetic, while still supporting (as we do) the environmentally conscious movement. Hoorah Monier! We know the product is ‘Coming Soon’, and we, for one, can’t wait.

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