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So you have your budget in mind. Now what? Your dream home will have been an ever-evolving concept over the years and be inspired from many different sources. It’s not just the duplication of a picture perfect magazine photo or something you saw on The Block last season. This dream will be a collection of memories, objects that inspire you or that have sentimental value; your grandfather’s hand-crafted sideboard, the contemporary painting you love, dress fabric that you believe would work just as well on cushions…all of which will combine to become something essentially: YOU.

Don’t be seduced into copying something that you’ve seen. By all means, use it as inspiration, but the difference between being merely satisfied, and being truly happy, with the end result, is how much of yourself is represented.

The next tip in this series is to create a folder of all the things that you want represented in this building. Interior designers create ‘mood-boards’ for the same purpose. For a project this size, create a book filled with images of objects, places, textures, colours and anything that will help you to communicate your design intent to your professional building team. While we live in a digital age, it is important to have all of your inspiration in the one place, and not distributed over several mediums. This not only gives you something tangible to take to your architect, builder designer or interior designer, it also ensures that your design intent is communicated as one overarching theme. If you are missing essential elements because ‘the rest of it’ is digital, the end result will differ. Bring in all the people that will live in the home, and start collaborating on your dream home journal.

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