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I had a client once who, bless them, were shown 25 different variations of the same thing (that they had requested) only to conclude that they had been given nothing to choose from. This was, thankfully, not a reflection on me, but rather a insult they felt they had been given by their builder who did not care enough to present more options than the 25 presented. It’s a universal truth in building that the process is never easy and that at some point you will find yourself with choices you don’t especially like. While you may employ architects, builders, and indeed interior designers, to find solutions and create a project you will love utterly and entirely, it is important to recognise that there will still be a time when you will be forced to compromise. If you want something of very high quality, it will likely cost you a figurative arm and a leg and you may have to wait while it is crafted. If you want something inexpensive then you may also win on a short time scale but your quality will be questionable. While I will acknowledge that there is the odd scally-wag in this industry (I challenge you to find an industry where there is not!), the vast majority of builders are doing what they can to create a home you will love – because, after all, you are the perfect person to advertise their future business. So, in short, the tip of the week is that you may find there are times when perfection alludes you, and if you find yourself in that position, take a deep breath and ask your professionals – including your builders – for their advice, knowing that they are truly there to help you.

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